Sea otter steals and damages boards of California surfers

Sea otter steals and damages boards of California surfers

Sea otter steals and damages boards In recent years, there have been several incidents of sea otters stealing and damaging surfboards belonging to California surfers. These playful marine mammals, known for their intelligence and dexterity,

have been causing frustration and financial loss for surfers along the California coast.

Sea otters are known to be curious and mischievous creatures, often exploring their surroundings and interacting with objects they come across. Unfortunately, this curiosity sometimes leads them to surfboards left unattended by surfers while they are in the water.

Surfers have reported incidents where sea otters have been seen swimming towards their boards, grabbing onto them with their paws, and attempting to play with them.

In their playful antics, the otters have been known to chew on the boards, causing significant damage to the foam and fiberglass construction.

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Sea otter steals and damages boards

The damage caused by sea otters can be quite costly for surfers,

as repairing or replacing a surfboard can be expensive. Additionally, the loss of a board can be particularly frustrating for surfers who rely on their equipment for their favorite pastime.

While sea otters are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act,

which prohibits harming or harassing them, surfers are left with limited options to prevent these incidents. Some surfers have resorted to keeping a close eye on their boards when they are not in the water or using deterrents such as brightly colored tape or objects attached to their boards to deter the otters.

Despite the challenges faced by surfers, it is important to remember that sea otters are a vital part of the marine ecosystem and play a crucial role in maintaining the health of coastal ecosystems. Efforts should be made to find a balance between protecting these charismatic creatures and minimizing the impact on surfers’ experiences.

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