how to download instagram videos on iphone

how to download instagram videos on iphone

Instagram, a popular social media platform, allows users to share and explore a wide variety of visual content, including videos. While Instagram doesn’t provide a built-in option to download videos directly from the app, there are several methods you can use to save your favorite Instagram videos to your iPhone. In this guide, we will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you can effortlessly download Instagram videos and enjoy them offline.

Using a Dedicated Video Downloader App

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “video downloader” apps.
  2. Select a well-rated and reliable app, such as “Documents by Readdle” or “Downloader Private Browser.”
  3. Install the chosen app and launch it.
  4. Open the app’s built-in browser and visit the official Instagram website (
  5. Navigate to the video you want to download. Ensure you are viewing the video in full-screen mode.
  6. Tap on the URL bar and copy the video’s URL.
  7. Return to the video downloader app and paste the URL into the provided field.
  8. The app will detect the video and offer you various download quality options. Choose the desired quality and tap “Download.”
  9. Once the download is complete, go to the app’s “Downloads” section to find your saved video.
  10. Tap and hold the video file to reveal the sharing options. Select “Save to Camera Roll” to save the video to your iPhone’s Photos app.

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Using a Shortcut on the Shortcuts App

  1. Ensure you have the “Shortcuts” app installed on your iPhone. If not, you can download it from the App Store.
  2. Open Safari or any other web browser on your iPhone.
  3. Search for “Instagram video downloader shortcut” on your preferred search engine.
  4. Choose a reliable source that offers a pre-made shortcut for downloading Instagram videos.
  5. Follow the provided instructions to add the shortcut to your Shortcuts app.
  6. With the Instagram video you want to download open on your Instagram app, tap the “Share” button (the arrow pointing upward).
  7. Scroll down on the Share Sheet until you find the “Shortcuts” option and tap it.
  8. Select the “Instagram Video Downloader” shortcut you added earlier.
  9. The shortcut will process the video and provide you with download quality options.
  10. Choose your preferred quality, and the video will be downloaded and saved to your iPhone’s Photos app.

Online Video Downloader Website

  1. Open Safari or any other web browser on your iPhone.
  2. Search for a reputable online video downloader that supports Instagram, such as “” or “DownloadGram.”
  3. Open the Instagram app and navigate to the video you want to download.
  4. Tap the three dots (…) located at the top-right corner of the post and select “Copy Link.”
  5. Go back to the browser and paste the copied link into the online video downloader’s URL field.
  6. The website will process the link and provide you with download options.
  7. Select your desired video quality and tap “Download.”
  8. The video will be saved to your iPhone’s Downloads folder.
  9. To access the downloaded video, go to your browser’s menu and find the “Downloads” or “Files” section.
  10. Locate the video file and tap and hold it to bring up the sharing options. Choose “Save to Camera Roll” to save the video to your Photos app.

While Instagram doesn’t offer a direct way to download instagram videos on your iPhone, the methods outlined in this guide provide effective ways to save your favorite content for offline viewing. Whether you opt for a dedicated video downloader app, a custom shortcut, or an online video downloader website, you can now enjoy Instagram videos without relying on an internet connection. Remember to respect copyright and usage rights when downloading and sharing content from Instagram.

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