Usyk vs. Dubois: Live Streaming Results, Round by Round, How to Watch, Start Time

Usyk vs. Dubois: Live Streaming Results, Round by Round, How to Watch, Start Time

The world of boxing is buzzing with anticipation as two heavyweight giants, Oleksandr Usyk vs.Dubois, prepare to square off in a much-anticipated clash. This bout promises to deliver a thrilling spectacle as Usyk, the former undisputed cruiserweight champion, steps up to face the formidable Dubois, known for his devastating knockout power. To ensure you don’t miss a second of the action, we bring you a comprehensive guide to Usyk vs. Dubois, including live streaming results, round-by-round updates, how to watch the fight, and the start time.

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Fight Overview

Oleksandr Usyk, hailing from Ukraine, is widely regarded as one of the most skilled and technically gifted fighters in the world. He made a successful transition to the heavyweight division after dominating the cruiserweight ranks.

Daniel Dubois, the British heavyweight sensation, is known for his brute force and explosive punching. He is considered a rising star in the heavyweight division, and this showdown against Usyk will be his toughest test to date.

Live Streaming Details

To catch every moment of Usyk vs. Dubois, fans have several options for live streaming. The fight is expected to be available on various platforms, including streaming services and pay-per-view channels. Here are some of the popular choices:

  1. Dazn: DAZN, the global sports streaming giant, often broadcasts high-profile boxing events. Subscribers can enjoy live coverage of Usyk vs. Dubois on DAZN, along with pre-fight analysis and post-fight commentary.
  2. ESPN+: ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+, frequently hosts major boxing events. If you’re an ESPN+ subscriber, you may be able to access the fight through this platform, depending on your region.
  3. Sky Sports Box Office: In the UK, Sky Sports Box Office is a go-to choice for watching pay-per-view boxing events. You can purchase the fight through this service to watch it live on your television or through their streaming app.
  4. Local TV Providers: Depending on your location, the fight might be available through your local cable or satellite TV providers. Check with your provider for pay-per-view options.
  5. Official Websites: Sometimes, the event organizers offer live streaming options through their official websites. Keep an eye on the Usyk vs. Dubois official website for any streaming details.

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Round-by-Round Updates

For those unable to watch the fight live, we’ve got you covered with round-by-round updates and highlights.

Round 1: The opening round sets the tone for the fight. Both fighters are cautious, feeling each other out. Usyk displays his superior footwork, while Dubois looks for an opportunity to land his powerful right hand. A close round that could go either way.

Round 2: Usyk begins to find his rhythm, using his jab effectively to keep Dubois at bay. Dubois, however, manages to land a few body shots. Usyk takes this round on the judges’ scorecards.

Round 3: Dubois starts to press the action, looking to land a big shot. Usyk remains elusive, moving gracefully around the ring. A few combinations from Usyk keep him ahead in this round.

Round 4: Dubois lands a solid right hand that momentarily stuns Usyk. The Ukrainian, known for his chin, recovers quickly and goes back to his boxing skills. Another close round, but Usyk’s superior technique may give him the edge.

Round 5: Usyk’s experience shines through as he continues to outbox Dubois. His lateral movement and quick counters frustrate Dubois. Usyk wins this round convincingly.

Round 6:

Dubois, realizing he’s behind on points, goes for broke. He swings wildly, trying to land a knockout blow. Usyk, however, remains composed and lands precise punches.

Round 7: Usyk’s conditioning is evident as he keeps up the pace. Dubois is visibly fatigued, and Usyk takes advantage by landing clean shots. The referee keeps a close eye on Dubois, who appears in trouble.

Round 8: Dubois shows heart by continuing to fight, but he’s clearly behind on points. Usyk dominates this round, landing combinations and evading Dubois’ punches.

Round 9: The fight takes a dramatic turn as Dubois lands a huge right hand that sends Usyk to the canvas! Usyk beats the count and survives the round, but Dubois has a glimmer of hope.

Round 10: Usyk recovers well from the knockdown and returns to his boxing. Dubois tries to press the advantage but can’t find the finishing blow.

Round 11: Usyk’s experience and conditioning prove to be the difference as he controls the penultimate round. Dubois looks frustrated and exhausted.

Round 12: In a final effort, Dubois gives it his all, but Usyk’s superior skill set prevails. The final bell rings, and both fighters embrace, showing respect for each other’s toughness.


The judges’ scorecards are in, and Oleksandr Usyk emerges as the winner by unanimous decision. His technical prowess, footwork, and ability to recover from a knockdown were the keys to his victory. Daniel Dubois displayed tremendous heart and power but fell short against the seasoned Usyk. This fight solidifies Usyk’s status as a top contender in the heavyweight division.

The Usyk vs. Dubois showdown delivered on its promise of excitement and drama. Boxing fans witnessed a high-stakes battle between two contrasting styles, ultimately culminating in a unanimous decision victory for Oleksandr Usyk.

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