Russia says it shot down 36 Ukrainian drones

Russia says it shot down 36 Ukrainian drones

Russia claims to have successfully intercepted and shot down 36 Ukrainian drones. The incident has added to the escalating tensions between the two neighboring countries. Ukrainian authorities, however, dispute this assertion and insist that no such drone attacks were carried out by their military.

The alleged drone attacks come in the midst of a prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine, primarily centered around the disputed regions of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Both sides have exchanged accusations and engaged in sporadic skirmishes, making the situation increasingly precarious.

The Russian government has not provided detailed evidence to substantiate its claims regarding the drone shootdowns, raising concerns about the accuracy of the information presented. International organizations and other nations have called for a transparent investigation to ascertain the facts of the matter.

Ukraine, backed by Western allies, continues to assert its sovereignty and strives for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict. The situation remains highly volatile, and diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and find a lasting solution are urgently needed. Russia says it shot down 36 Ukrainian drones

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