Ranking Sacramento Kings Players by Likelihood

Ranking Sacramento Kings Players by Likelihood

The NBA trade deadline always brings a flurry of speculation and anticipation, with teams evaluating their rosters and exploring potential moves to improve their competitive standing. The Sacramento Kings, like any other team, find themselves amidst trade talks. In this analysis, we’ll delve into the current Sacramento Kings roster and rank players based on their likelihood of being traded.

De’Aaron Fox:

As the franchise cornerstone, De’Aaron Fox seems unlikely to be traded. The 24-year-old point guard has shown tremendous growth and is integral to the Kings’ future plans. His combination of speed, scoring ability, and playmaking makes him a coveted asset in the league.

Tyrese Haliburton:

Similar to Fox, Tyrese Haliburton is a young and promising talent with a skill set that has endeared him to fans and front offices alike. The Kings view him as a vital part of their future, and trading him would only be considered under extremely compelling circumstances.

Buddy Hield:

Buddy Hield’s name has been a consistent presence in trade rumors over the past seasons. The sharpshooting guard’s ability to stretch the floor makes him an attractive asset for many teams. However, the Kings might be hesitant to part ways with Hield unless they receive an offer that significantly improves their roster.

Harrison Barnes:

Harrison Barnes has been a steady presence for the Kings, providing scoring and leadership on the court. His versatility and experience make him a valuable asset. While his name may come up in trade discussions, the Kings may prioritize keeping him unless an offer addresses their specific needs.

Marvin Bagley III:

Marvin Bagley III’s tenure with the Kings has been marked by injuries and inconsistent performances. Despite his potential, the Kings might explore trade options to bring in more immediate impact players. Bagley’s trade likelihood hinges on the quality of offers they receive.

Richaun Holmes:

Richaun Holmes has emerged as a reliable center for the Kings, showcasing his skills as a rim protector and efficient scorer. However, given the team’s needs, Holmes could be a trade chip if the right deal materializes, especially if the Kings aim to address weaknesses in other positions.

Davion Mitchell:

The rookie guard Davion Mitchell has displayed defensive prowess and a mature understanding of the game. While the Kings value his potential, Mitchell could become a trade asset if the team seeks to address specific roster imbalances and receives an enticing offer.

Tristan Thompson:

Acquired in a midseason trade, Tristan Thompson’s presence provides frontcourt depth for the Kings. However, given his expiring contract, he could be a trade piece to facilitate salary matching in larger deals.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the NBA, trade scenarios are subject to change based on team dynamics, performance, and market demand. While some players like Fox and Haliburton seem secure in their roles, others like Hield and Bagley might be more susceptible to trade discussions. Ultimately, the Kings’ decision-making will revolve around their long-term vision, potential trade offers, and the team’s immediate needs. As the trade deadline approaches, fans will closely watch the Sacramento Kings to see if any significant moves reshape the team’s future.

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