2024 Rose Bowl: Top Plays, Highlights from Alabama vs. Michigan CFP Semifinal

2024 Rose Bowl: Top Plays, Highlights from Alabama vs. Michigan CFP Semifinal

The 2024 Rose Bowl delivered a thrilling spectacle as two college football powerhouses, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan Wolverines, faced off in the College Football Playoff (CFP) Semifinal. The clash promised high stakes, intense competition, and a showcase of top-tier talent. In this narrative, we will delve into the top plays and highlights that defined this memorable showdown.

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Setting the Stage:

The Rose Bowl, often dubbed “The Granddaddy of Them All,” provided a picturesque backdrop for the CFP Semifinal. Both Alabama and Michigan entered the game with impressive seasons, boasting formidable rosters and hungry ambitions for a national championship berth.

First Quarter:

The opening quarter set the tone for the game, with both teams showcasing their offensive prowess. Alabama’s explosive playmaker, Bryce Young, connected with star receiver Jameson Williams on a breathtaking 60-yard touchdown pass. The precision of Young’s throw and the sheer speed of Williams left spectators in awe, giving Alabama an early lead.

Michigan responded with a ground-and-pound approach, led by their star running back. A powerful drive culminated in a touchdown, showcasing the Wolverines’ resilience and determination to match Alabama’s offensive firepower.

Second Quarter:

The second quarter witnessed a defensive battle as both teams adjusted their strategies. Alabama’s defense, led by standout linebacker Will Anderson Jr., made crucial stops, while Michigan’s defensive front applied relentless pressure on Bryce Young.

A pivotal moment came when Michigan quarterback, Cade McNamara, orchestrated a masterful drive culminating in a precision touchdown pass to his tight end. The Wolverines took the lead, demonstrating their ability to strike through the air.

However, Alabama swiftly responded as Bryce Young orchestrated a methodical drive, showcasing his poise under pressure. The drive concluded with a short touchdown pass to tight end Cameron Latu, reclaiming the lead for the Crimson Tide.


The halftime break allowed both teams to regroup and strategize for the crucial second half. Spectators were treated to a riveting first half, filled with explosive plays, defensive stands, and a constant back-and-forth battle for supremacy.

Third Quarter:

The third quarter proved to be a defensive showcase, with both teams exchanging stops and forcing turnovers. Alabama’s defense, led by standout cornerback Josh Jobe, intercepted a crucial pass, shifting momentum back to the Crimson Tide.

In a defining moment, Bryce Young executed a play-action pass, freezing the Wolverines’ defense. He found a wide-open Slade Bolden streaking down the sideline for a spectacular touchdown. The precision and deception of the play left Michigan’s defense scrambling, and Alabama extended their lead.

Fourth Quarter:

Entering the final quarter with a deficit, Michigan needed a comeback for the ages. Cade McNamara led the Wolverines on a gritty drive, displaying resilience and determination. A well-timed pass to star receiver Cornelius Johnson resulted in a touchdown, narrowing the gap.

With time running out, Michigan’s defense needed a crucial stop. A decisive interception by safety Daxton Hill gave the Wolverines a glimmer of hope, setting the stage for a potential game-winning drive.

In a dramatic final series, Cade McNamara showcased his composure, leading Michigan deep into Alabama territory. However, the Crimson Tide’s defense held firm, securing a critical stop in the red zone. Alabama emerged victorious, punching their ticket to the national championship game.


The 2024 Rose Bowl between Alabama and Michigan will be remembered as a classic clash of football titans. The game featured explosive plays, defensive stands, and moments of individual brilliance. Bryce Young’s masterful quarterbacking, Jameson Williams’ electrifying receptions, and the resilience of both teams left an indelible mark on college football history. As Alabama celebrated their hard-fought victory, the 2024 Rose Bowl will be cherished as a testament to the competitive spirit and excellence that defines the sport at its highest level.

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