IT company rude rejection email goes viral: ‘Don’t try to apply again’

IT company rude rejection email goes viral: 'Don't try to apply again'

Job hunting can be a frustrating and frustrating experience at times. A rejection email is part of the process, as any job seeker knows, but a good rejection will express gratitude for the candidate’s interest in the position and include some feedback on how the candidate can improve. This one at Elite Software Automation did none of that.

In fact, the IT company’s rejection email was so unnecessarily aggressive, it shocked thousands of readers.

A snapshot of the email was shared on the Reddit forum “antiwork,” where it has gone viral with nearly 20,000 upvotes.

The email begins by thanking the candidate for applying for a Frontend Software Engineer position and their application has been rejected for not passing an automated online test.

It’s still great. right? The email then warns the candidate not to reapply until at least the end of the following year. “Any attempt to re-apply for this position before this time, or any attempt to re-take the test will result in automatic rejection of your application, as well as blacklisting of your profile from any further applications,” the email read.

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