Putin furious over Ukraine clever war tactic

Putin furious over Ukraine clever war tactic

This news is likely to upset Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian troops are employing a clever tactic to escalate the war costs for Russia.

While pro-Russian media report a successful attack on a P-18 radar, the internet is amused. The supposed radar was nothing but a cheap decoy.

The company Metinvest is building decoys for the Ukrainian armed forces. Russia was recently lured into a trap by a meticulously faked radar installation. Using expensive ammunition, Russian soldiers destroyed the decoy.

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The company reported the deception on Facebook.

“Metinvest’s technical installations are proving successful on the front lines. The aggressor’s forces destroyed a model of the Ukrainian P-18 Malachit radar, manufactured in our factories,” reads the statement.

“The enemy was unable to distinguish the model from a real radar station and expended costly precision ammunition to destroy the plywood and metal replica.”

A company spokesperson said, “War is expensive. And we want the Russians to spend a lot of money on drones and missiles to destroy our decoys.”

The company released images of the decoy, which, like the original, is equipped with a camouflaged base and a rotating element.

According to the company, the Ukrainian armed forces have already received more than 250 such decoys.

They are designed to mislead Russian troops and thus save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

Among the fakes are also replicas of M777 howitzers.

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